Meet Celeste

Welcome! I used to be a software engineer, but my life changed when I discovered the world of tantra. I had not known how much more connection, peace, and pleasure was possible until I experienced it myself. Since then, it’s become my goal to share these beautiful practices with the world. I believe it is so important to exit the stress response of our nervous systems, and to reconnect with our bodies, ourselves, and others. Having gone through my own healing journey, spending countless hours in workshops, trainings, and professional practice, I am especially equipped to help those with stressful lifestyles to change their lives, accessing a deeper sense of connection, pleasure, and inner peace.

“Meeting you has helped me connect so much more to myself, my body, and to the people I care most about. You’ve reignited the spark of joy in my life. Thank you, Celeste!”

– J.M.

My offerings

My sessions combine touch, movement, coaching, and tantric exercises to create holistic, immersive experiences that excite all the senses. I have a special gift of touch that no training could provide or words could describe, and unique, authentic presence. You’ll just have to experience it yourself. Candles, flowers, and sweeping views of the city and sunset await you in my beautiful temple space, along with my warm company.